Virento Oy / PUUGURU
Jelle van der Beek
Haukilahdenkatu 2B (inner yard)
00550 Helsinki, Finland
+358 445 591 981

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01 Dec DIY Woodworking Courses

We organise woodworking courses and open workshops (neearly) every Friday afternoon. Visit our new webshop to book hands-on woodworking courses for yourself or as a gift for others. ...

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13 Nov Wood and steel furniture

Since a year we have been combining wood and steel for some of our productions. Personally I like this combination a lot; using steel one can make table legs and other support structures that are both slim, simple and very strong. We are able to...

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20 May Wood: The fuel of the future?

Nuclear, solar and wind energy are all subject of heated debate, but what about bio-energy? In Europe, wood is the biggest source of renewable energy by far and in Finland it has surpassed oil as an energy source already. There isn't much fuzz about it...

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16 Dec Celebrate public space

Last week, Helsinki decided to turn some of its most beautiful urban forests into residential districts. What can we say about it and what can we do about it? When this Indonesian city forest was to suffer the same destiny, local communities organized a wide...

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05 Dec Cowley Timberwork

This company from the UK is one I admire. They specialize in complex geometric timber structures that are stunningly beautiful and functional. What appeals to me is the combination of science, craftsmanship and 'art' if you will. For some reason this combination hardly exists in...

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